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An inspiring entrepreneur, Elias Jabbour embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, resilience, and the transformative power of ambition.

With a background encompassing real estate, hospitality, and trading, he rose from humble beginnings to establish himself as a leading business figure in Dubai.

Elias’s journey, marked by significant growth, adaptability, and a profound impact on his ventures and the people they serve showcases his versatility and depth of experience. Now, as the proud co-owner of Jabbour Group and its six diverse subsidiaries, Elias leverages his comprehensive experience to offer holistic services across a variety of industries.


In 2010, Elias took his first step towards his dream in Dubai, starting in a Restaurant, earning $600 a month. This initial role marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

By 2014, Elias ventured into the holiday home sector on a small scale, offering short-term housing solutions. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished in 2015 when he opened Aleph Restaurant in JLT, a Lebanese restaurant co-founded with a Russian partner. His passion for the food industry continued to grow, leading to the opening of Jabbour Restaurant in 2017 and its expansion with Jabbour Express in 2020.


In 2010, a man embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine his life and the business landscape of Dubai. Armed with a junior position and an unwavering vision, he aimed to become an influential figure in the UAE and the wider GCC region. His goal was not just personal success but to become the go-to person for innovation, entrepreneurship, and service excellence, both behind the scenes and in the limelight.

Starting as a cashier, he demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and a keen understanding of the market. This initial position, often seen as a humble beginning, served as the foundation for his ambitious ascent. With each transaction, he learned valuable lessons about customer service, financial management, and the importance of building trust.

Choosing Dubai as his base was a strategic decision. The city's dynamic business environment, coupled with its reputation as a global hub for trade and innovation, provided the perfect backdrop for his aspirations. In Dubai, he saw endless opportunities to network, learn, and grow.


From day one, his focus was clear: to become a well-known entrepreneur and a trusted service provider in the GCC. This vision drove every action he took, every risk he embraced, and every challenge he overcame. He committed to continuous learning, seeking mentorship, and investing in his personal and professional development.

Step-by-Step Ascent
Learning the Ropes
1. Building Connections:
2. Innovating Services
3. Entrepreneurial Ventures
4. Becoming a Leader

Today, he is recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the UAE and the GCC. His ventures are known for their innovation and customer-centric approach. He is a trusted advisor, a dynamic leader, and a driving force behind numerous successful initiatives. His journey from a cashier to a globally acknowledged entrepreneur is a testament to his vision, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

The man's vision was not just about personal achievement but about making a lasting impact on the business landscape of Dubai and the GCC. His story is a powerful reminder that with determination, focus, and a clear vision, one can turn even the most humble beginnings into a legacy of success. He continues to inspire, lead, and innovate, proving that the dream stairs he built were not just for himself but for countless others who dare to dream big.


Elias ’ s ambitions didn't stop there. In 2017, he founded New Horizon Corporation, a general trading company that forged significant relationships with Dubai Police, DHA, and other entities, involving several initiatives with Dubai Police and individual humanitarian efforts.

Elias and his wife Sola, driven by their shared vision and complementary skills have embarked on a remarkable journey of collaboration. Together, they have pooled their expertise and experiences to establish a series of multi-sector companies aimed at becoming the ultimate one-stop destination worldwide. Their entrepreneurial spirit and strategic foresight has led them to choose Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC region as the starting point for their ambitious venture. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Elias and Sola are poised to redefine the business landscape, offering a diverse range of services and solutions to meet the evolving needs of their global clientele.

Elias ’ s dedication to supporting others is evident in his personal achievement of helping his family and others relocate to Dubai, securing their futures.


2020 was a year of further diversification for Elias, venturing into shipping, oil trading, and brokerage. This period also saw the birth of Jabbour General Trading, and Jabbour Technical Services focused on renovating luxurious houses, and CDP real estate.

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